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I have mightily foraged through the inhabitable forest of crap...and come through to the other side. Gentle readers, please share your song with me.
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So its that time of year again...the time of year when a young girl's fancy turns to all the upcoming birthdays she is bombarded with in April-May-June. I am am so out of clever ideas for gifts that I actually considered buying a camel for a hungry orphan in Guatemala or some such thing for a couple of the 112 people on my Required Birthday Present Recipient list. Ok..a careful recalculation puts the number at closer to 7. Any and all gift suggestions will be appreciated...
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Got rap?

I have something to say to people who say they hate rap/hiphop/crunk whatevah…they say they do not like it.

I hear people say hiphop/rap talks about violence…so they do not like it. They say it fills their children’s head’s with useless violent images…glamorizes it. I have a few words for “them”.

My child is 15 years old. In her 5th year of life someone very important to our family was shot in his stomach and nearly died. In her 6th year of life we encountered someone stabbed and bleeding to death on the way into our apartment building. That same year, a neighbor was shot over petty shit. In her 7th year of life someone important to our family died from snorting heroin he was too fucked up to realize wasn’t cocaine. She turned 13 and her very first boyfriend’s older brother is shot and killed while minding his own business and dumped in a grocery store parking lot. A week later, her best friend’s sister is shot and killed in what they called “a road rage’ incident.

And here we are in nice Minneapolis/St. Paul the whole time…

2 weeks later~

My child’s daddy calls from Brooklyn at 2am. He calls again at 3am. I think he is partying with my girlfriend who was in NYC on vacation; I was annoyed. She’d asked me to find someone to “show her around” and I’d hooked her up with family there. My girlfriend calls me at 4am and I still do not answer the phone because I have to work in the morning. When called again at 8am, I finally answered the phone.
My 21 year-old step-son was shot to death that night at Louis Armstrong Projects in the Bronx. My daughter’s brother, Jason, was shot and killed when he and his cousins ran from gunfire into his auntie’s building. Jason realized the security door was not latched. He ran back to close it~ loosing his life, but saving 4 of his friends’ lives by doing so. Some great artists have come out of Louis Armstrong…there was a short at Sundance portraying the violence and police corruption there. Will Jason get a movie deal? Doubt it.

Now. Here we are again. A boy my daughter knew from “the park” was shot dead for not giving up a jersey quick enough. 15 years old. My heart aches and I do not have the words to say a thing…

Weird thing is, a bunch of rappers do.

Peace and love, my crazies. Fuck.

Peace and love.
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Ok. here's the thing.

I am here on this planet with somewhere between 2 and 100 million different species of animals. Someone on a blog recently called me a hypocrite for not eating any of them.

About 24 years ago I decided that I would quit eating meat. I was 13 years old and living in a rural community, and the gross-out factor was probably the biggest influence on my decision. I found it hard to meet a chicken or a cow or a pig and then later eat it. Watching a calf be born and then listening to the plaintive cries of its mother as it is taken away to the “veal” shed is heart wrenching to a 13 year old who is developing values and a sense of moral idealism. This was my starting point. Usually, but not always, as people grow into adulthood perspectives change. I am at a different point now.

The reasons for being a vegetarian are as varied as the number of those who are. It is not a cult in which the subscribers of a practice blindly follow the principals of a leader. I promise no secret handshake or Kool-aid is involved. For some it is religious; for some a personal spiritual endeavor. For some it is ecological; for some it is trendy. Some call it consumer activism; some a life-style choice. For some it is personal preference; for others it is a moral absolute.

Me? I just don’t eat animals. I don’t think it is necessary and I find the thought of chewing up dead animals disgusting. And it is really crappy for the environment and spiritually repugnant to me. I will wear leather, but I buy most leather products second-hand…but I buy lots of things second hand because it is environmentally friendly. Here’s a bunch of environmental reasons I could use:

Source: The Whole Earth Vegetarian Catalogue

1 Conservation of Fossil fuel. It takes 78 calories of fossil fuel to produce 1 calorie of beef protein; 35 calories for 1 calorie of pork; 22 calories for 1 of poultry; but just 1 calorie of fossil fuel for 1 calorie of soybeans. By eating plant foods instead of animal foods, I help conserve our non-renewable sources of energy.

2 Water Conservation. It takes 3 to 15 times as much water to produce animal protein as it does plant protein. As a vegetarian I contribute to water conservation.

3 Efficient use of grains. It takes up to 16 pounds of soybeans and grains to produce 1 lb. of beef and 3 to 6 lbs. to produce 1 lb of turkey & egg. By eating grain foods directly, I make the food supply more efficient & that contributes to the environment.

4 Soil conservation. When grains & legumes are used more efficiently, our precious topsoil is automatically made more efficient in its use. We use less agricultural resources to provide for the same number of people.

5 Saving our forests. Tropical forests in Brazil and other tropic regions are destroyed daily, in part, to create more acreage to raise livestock. By not supporting the meat industry, I directly reduce the demand to pillage these irreplaceable treasures of nature. Since the forest land "filters" our air supply and contains botanical sources for new medicines, this destruction is irreversible.

Here is the thing…I do not need a reason good enough for you. Unless I am asking you to stop eating meat…WHY THE FUCK do you care why I don’t?

My birthday is coming up

All hopes, all dreams, all happiness can come to fruition on a sunny, cloud-speckled day in late September. Come with a bottle of wine and a galaxy of conversation to play with me in the long, cool grass...
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